fish trace logbook app – user guide


Add a new catch

Back to the main page

Edit the record (all parameters can be edited at any time)

Delete this record

Share this record, the catch will be published on the page catch reports

Easy to record a fish as fast as possible: The record page

Fish species and counts

Fish length and weight

Venue / Location, more options

Water depth and temperature, Catch and Release C&R

Date and time (automated, editable), GPS position (automated, editable), Weather condition (automated, editable), Lunar phase (automated)

Method and comments (for example bait, editable), add an existing picture or take a photo , save the record




Browse your catches: the logbook page

The logbook page shows all recorded catches

Browse easily through by scrolling up or down

Tap a record to open the details page of a single catch


Tap the plus button to record a new catch




See detailed information about a single catch: the details page

The detail page shows everything about a single record

Middle sized picture of the catch, tap to see it in full screen mode or swipe to the left for the previous/swipe to the right for the next record

Back to the logbook, edit (see chapter “edit a trace”), delete or share the catch on

All details about the fish catch

Tab on the Location link to open the map of this catch






Edit a trace (adding or modifying a catch later)

Any record can be modified/expanded easily by clicking the edit button on the Details page and the following editing page will be displayed:

Edit the fish species or the counts

Adjust the size or weight, set or modify the Venue / location

Add or edit the Water depth and temperature

Set or edit the Catch and release C&R

Adjust the date/time, weather conditions or the Location (Lunar Settings not editable)


Add or edit the Method or comments, add or change the picture or take a photo, don’t forget to save the changes






Statistics page

Counting for this and the last year

Catches per month

Species shown in a diagramm

Moonphase Recording of all catches

Heaviest fish with picture

Longest fish with picture






Statistics per Species

By clicking on the target species on the pie chart the statistics changes to the selected species

For a better recognition the selected species is highlighted into the pie chart

To go back to all species click in the center of the pie chart








Statistics per month


By selecting a specific month on the bar chart the pie chart shows only catches during this month

For a better recognition the selected month is displayed in a darker green

To go back to all species click in the center of the pie chart








Statistics per moonphases

Moonphase recording of all the catches

By clicking on the target species on the pie chart the statistics changes to the selected species













fish trace fishing logbook app wind indicatorThe wind condition is recorded in meter per second m/s while the icon is indicating the wind direction, in this example we have wind from North east. (for example 3 m/s NE)



Personalize your fish trace fishing app: the settings page

Enter your anglers nick name

Set your Home water and common fish, later it’s set as default when entering a new catch and makes the recording faster and easier

Take or choose a picture

Adjust your app settings to make the recording of new catches more user friendly


Save or delete your settings or feel free to contact us




Extra functions on the settings page

Export your logbook into a .CSV file for further usage

Backup your app data

Restore your app data from a previous created backup file


The menu offers you different options to navigate


Navigate to the pages Catches, Records or display your position

Go to the settings page or backup your app data

Info about the making of fish trace






The fish trace fishing app for Android user guide will be updated continuously. For any help or Suggestions about the app Please contact us

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