improve your fishing with the fish trace fishing logbook app

Before fishing

Analyze previous recorded fishes

Pay Attention to the weather forecast

Preview the water structures

Browse your catches in the fishing app Take a close look about the forecasted weather conditions, a recommended Website is Get detailed Information about the water structures, a recommended Website is Navionics Webapp

During fishing

Follow your previous recorded catches

…the method

…and baits

The fishing app Shows you the exact spots from earlier bites.. fish trace remember every used method. the log book app is showing you the successful baits

After fishing

improve yourself

log your success

Share your success

the fishing app fish trace is high lighting your largest and heaviest catch. record your catches and enjoy the Automation of the fishing app dont hesitate to share a fish sometime, learn about other fishermen catches

Enjoy your time at/on the water. We wish you all great success and we are looking forward to a your success stories.